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Welcome to the New & Church App!


Good Morning! 

After months of planning, strategy meetings, content writing, tears, late nights, and the occasional head scratching... we are pleased to announce that our brand new website and church app have launched today! 

What's New & Why?

Our Goal: with the new and Kindred Church app we bring a fresh new design while staying familiar to the brand that everyone here at Kindred knows and loves. 

The Design: A new modern design with video highlighting our church and giving a visual aide to what our church looks like, what to expect, provide helpful information, and gives a call to action to Plan Your Visit for new visitors to Kindred.

Our Voice: We’ve completely re-written all of our existing content in a way that has the same tone and voice across every ministry. This voice is a great blend for new believers and mature saints to take the step of either visiting our church for the first time, inviting friends and family to join them, or to discover all that we have to offer here at Kindred.

Special New Features & Updates:

  • Focus: We’ve removed our scrolling banner and have come up with one main central focus on our website: sharing the Gospel with our community and deepening our relationship with the Lord.
  • Plan Your Visit: We’ve implemented an easy process to give visitors an action step to visit Kindred, which has a nice handshake between visiting Kindred online, to visiting and getting involved at Kindred in person.
  • Upcoming Events: Our homepage now highlights our upcoming events in a much nicer way.
  • Truth Matters & Devotional Blogs: We’ve copied the same way of highlighting events to our Pastor's Blog and devotionals.
  • Latest Sermon Series
  • Featured Content Block: Life Groups, VBS, Concert Series, or eventual church member testimonial videos will fill this highlighted area at the bottom of our homepage.
  • Navigation: We’ve completely remapped our entire website and navigation to make things easier to access for everyone.
  • Giving: We’ve completed a brand new redesign of our Giving page which also now integrates with our church app.
  • Livestream: Now more accessible than ever with ways of connecting to us on Facebook, viewing our weekly bulletins, and listening to our livestream in our audio-only feed. *New Online bulletin coming soon!

Kindred Church App

In addition to our new website, we have released a completely brand new app where you can find all of what's on our website, as well as easy access to sharing all of our content with your friends, family, and coworkers. 

We also have our digital Connect Card, and much more! To find out all of what our church app has to offer, we encourage you to update your app through your App Store or downloading it if you don't already have it through the avenues below! 

To download our app, visit either the App Store or the Google Play Store. You can also text "kindred church" to 77977

We hope you enjoy the app and if you have any questions, please email us!