Recommitment to Kindred Church

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Recommitment to Kindred Church

Dear Member,

We hope you have been blessed by Pastor Philip and Andrew's recent messages about church membership and our covenant. These sermons are available on Kindred Community Church’s website. In our Ephesian series, we have received a beautiful scope of what the church's corporate life should be marked by. As members of Kindred Community Church, we have committed to walk in a manner worthy of our calling: living in a way that glorifies God and builds up the church. Therefore, we are asking our members to renew their covenant to refresh our commitments to one another.

As we have reflected on our core documents, we found certain pieces needed refining to be more convictional, clear, and concise. Lord willing, this will allow us to become more faithful to God and each other. We are beyond excited to see what God will do in our midst as we seek to maintain the unity of the Spirit, pursue holiness, magnify Christ in our service, and contribute to the saints' needs.

Please take some time to consider the church covenant and doctrinal statements by following these steps:

  1. READ – Read through our covenant and doctrine revisions by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page. You can view the full doctrinal statement here.

  2. ASK QUESTIONS – If you have any questions regarding these updates, click on the ASK A QUESTION button below. You may also call the church office at (714) 282-9941.

  3. SIGN – Click the RECOMMIT button below to sign the membership covenant and our statement on human sexuality and gender.

  4. Paper copies to sign the membership covenant and statement on sexuality and gender are available upon request.

  5. For further information and commitment to Kindred Church, we invite you to watch our "Devoted" series from Pastor Philip and Pastor Andrew on what it means to be committed to the body of Christ. 

We appreciate your commitment to the church body here at Kindred. We desire to serve you in the best ways possible, and we pray that the Lord will use these efforts to stand behind biblical truths for His glory and our good. God bless you and thank you again for your understanding, help, and support of what we do here at Kindred.

In Christ,
The Elders of Kindred Community Church

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