Kindred Connect Portal

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Kindred Connect Portal

Welcome to the Kindred Connect Portal Support Page!

Here you'll find helpful information on ways to access our secure Church Directory, developed by Church Community Builder (CCB) to view and stay updated with members of Kindred Church. 

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What is the Kindred Connect Portal (KCP / CCB)?

Our Kindred Connect Portal is securely placed behind our Church Management Software called CCB (short for Church Community Builder). We utilize this powerful tool for our entire church directory, events, registrations, giving, and more. You can access our full Church Directory and more by clicking here, or by clicking on the CCB icon at the top and bottom of any page of our website. 

Our Kindred Connect Portal houses our member information securely and grants the ability for our members to modify their personal and family profiles, update serving opportunities, spiritual giftedness, join Life Groups, age and stage groups, register for events, manage giving, and much more!

How do I access the Connect Portal?

Our Connect Portal is only available to members of Kindred Church. You will need to log in to your CCB account using your main email address. You can click here to log in

Help! I can't log in!

If you cannot log in or don't know your login information, you can click the Forgot Password? link and follow the prompts. If you're still having issues, please email us and we will help you gain access to your member account.