Women's Online Summer Book Clubs

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Women's Online Summer Book Clubs


Join your Kindred sisters for our Online Summer Book Clubs!

We will gather online in Zoom meetings to fellowship and discuss each book. Space is limited, please choose only one book.

Select one of the books below; click on it for more information and to register. The link to purchase the book is included. The facilitator will contact you before the first online meeting with details on the first meeting and the Zoom meeting link.


Suffering is Never for Nothing by Elisabeth Elliot
Hard times in life come for all of us, sometimes with no real explanation. When we walk through suffering it has the potential to devastate and destroy or to be the gateway to gratitude and joy.

Why doesn’t God do something about suffering? He has, He did, He is, and He will. He has walked the ultimate path of suffering, and He has won the victory on our behalf.
Join us as we explore this great book that Pastor Philip recommended in his opening message in the book of Ruth.

Dates: Thursdays, June 25th - July 9th
Time: 9:30am - 10:15am
Zoom details will be emailed to you by the facilitator
Facilitator: Barbara Erselius | 949-394-8142 | Email
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Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments by Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler

Discover how closely the gospel connects with the role of motherhood. Authors Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler will help you understand and apply the gospel to common issues every mom faces.

Join us as we discuss this book that offers encouragement and a framework for godly motherhood in the midst of today’s culture.

Dates: Thursdays, June 25th - July 30th
Time: 7:30pm
Zoom details will be emailed to you by the facilitator
Facilitator: Amanda Meadows | 925-783-3338 | Email
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Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship by Ruth Chou Simons

We become what we behold when we set our hearts and minds on Christ and His redemption story here in the details of our daily lives. Not just on Sunday, not just on holidays, not just when extraordinarily hard or wonderful things happen…but today.

Join in discussing this book by bestselling author and artist, Ruth Chou Simons as she invites you to elevate your gaze to the One who created all things.

Special note… Ruth Chou Simons will be our special guest speaker this year at our Annual Women’s Christmas Dessert on December 3rd & 4th!

Dates: Mondays, June 22nd - August 3rd
Time: 7:00pm
Zoom details will be emailed to you by the facilitator
Facilitator: Brenda Glasby | 714-423-1960 | Email
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Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper

Join us as we explore the stories of five ordinary women, Sarah Edwards, Lilias Trotter, Gladys Aylward, Esther Ahn Kim, and Helen Roseveare, who trusted in their extraordinary God as He led them to do great things for His kingdom.

Noël Piper holds up each of their lives and deeds as examples of what it means to be truly faithful. Learning about these women will challenge and encourage you to make a difference for Christ in all aspects of your life.

Dates: Tuesdays, June 30th - July 28th
Time: 7:00pm
Zoom details will be emailed to you by the facilitator
Facilitator: Angela Juarez | 714-474-5198 | Email
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We look forward to growing together throughout the summer through these book studies!