Reid Scherer's Bio

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Reid Scherer's Bio

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Reid Scherer

Having grown up in Kindred’s youth ministry, Reid understands the importance of solid teaching and leadership during the teen years. That’s why he’s so passionate about helping Junior High students to have a desire to Christ personally and serve Him.
Reid grew up in Orange County and graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (emphasis in Accounting). But the numbers he cares about most are how many people he can bring to Christ—and how many youth he can serve, teach and encourage in everyday life.

Reid married his wife, Mariah, in May of 2019. He is a graduate of  The Masters Seminary with a Masters of Divinity degree. In his free time, he enjoys playing just about every sport, sharing the gospel, hiking, wakeboarding, body surfing, hanging out with friends and family, and chowing down on Chick-fil-a.