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New Certified Biblical Counselors at Kindred

It was a joy to see two new biblical counselors certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

Jim Salcido and Minna Nah were recognized at the 2016 ACBC National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. They join with a growing movement to affirm the inerrancy and the sufficiency of the Scriptures for the purposes of counseling in the church.

ACBC Certification is a rigorous, three year process which incorporates 30 hours of instruction, 10 hours of counseling observation, 1,000 pages of reading, over 80 pages of written examination and 50 hours of supervised counseling practice. A growing number of members at Kindred are now going through this process and we look forward to the fruit the Lord will bear in His time.

Please join me in congratulating Jim Salcido and Minna Nah for their completion of the certification process. We look forward to seeing how the Lord uses them to bless the members here at Kindred Church.

ACBC - Jim SalcidoACBC - Minna Photo1