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Second Fiddle


A reporter once asked the celebrated orchestra conductor Leonard Bernstein what was the most difficult instrument to play. Given Bernstein's experience, and expertise, the reporter was eager to hear the great...

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Divine Appointments


Pat and Tina O'Neal are friends of mine who have faithfully and fruitfully served God for many years through CBMC, Christian Business Men's Committee. Over dinner one night they told me of a...

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Going Public


A few years back I found myself struggling in the pulpit to project my voice with any volume. After several visits to doctors and vocal specialists, it was determined I had a nodule on my vocak...

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Friends in High Places


In April 2001, in the midst of renewed fighting between Israel and the Palestinians, a motorcade carrying the Security Service Chief of Gaza came under a hail of bullets from IDF troops....

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Speak of the Devil


During the Second World War, C. J. Auchinleck, the commander-in-chief of the Middle East Force on the Allied side, put out the following order: "There exists a real danger that our friend Rommel...

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No Time to Waste


Thomas Chalmers was a minister in the Church of Scotland who in the early days of his pastorate did not know God, and was not known for his godliness. Not known to God, not known for his godliness, but he...

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The Future of History


Some years ago I spent a weekend in London visiting a friend from N. Ireland. While there, friends of my friend from Welwyn Garden City Baptist Church, just outside the city, kindly offered to show...

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I Have a Dream


In one of his last books on the subject of hope, Lewis Smedes tells how the great civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, kept hope alive for millions amidst the degradation, and abuse of individual,...

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Identity Theft


Do you know what the fastest growing crime in America is? It is identity theft with over 9.9 million incidents per year. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2012 alone, seven percent of people sixteen or older were identity theft...

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All Present and Accounted For


Leroy "Satchel" Paige was one of the greats in the world of baseball. History remembers him as the first black player to pitch in the World Series. He was also the first player from the old...

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