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The Reformation Part 6: Coram Deo

coram deo

By the time of the Reformation, the Roman Catholic Churches’ twin errors of Sacerdotalism & Sacramentalism produced a compartmentalized view...

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The Reformation Part 5: The Priesthood of All Believers


By the time of the Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church had functionally replaced Christ as the mediator between God and man. Through the inventions of a priestly caste (sacerdotalism)...

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The Reformation Part 4: Post Tenebras Lux


What does the Creation narrative, the first advent of Christ and the Reformation have in common? The answer is the use of the “light from darkness” motif. In Genesis “darkness was...

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The Gospel Is Meant To Be Shared


In this day and age, we are surrounded by social media outlets, websites, and apps. Nearly everyone we know has a smartphone or tablet, or at the very least a computer in their home. We have come a long way from...

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The Reformation Part 3: Ad Fontes


By the time of the Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church depended more on tradition than upon Scripture for it’s final authority. Rome was...

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The Reformation Part 2: TULIP


At the time of the Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church taught that sin had merely tainted man and that man through the help of the sacramental system could gain merit with God toward their own salvation. In contrast...

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The Reformation Part 1: The Five Solas


The Reformation was a 16th-century movement to reform the corruption and abuses in the Roman Catholic Church ending in the establishment of the Protestant Churches that exist today...

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Put Your Heart In It


John Bunyan, notable Baptist preacher and English-born writer of Pilgrim's Progress, once said this: "In worship (prayer), it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart." Think about this: Take some time to...

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Deuteronomy 8 - Remember the Lord Your God


Moses preaches a message to the Israelites as they are about to enter into the Promised Land that the Lord had promised them... however, they ask: “What hope do we have?” Israel needed to hear what the Lord...

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Seeking and Setting


Last month I had the privilege of spending a weekend with our Jr. High and High School students at KSM Winter Camp. We spent our time in God’s word focused on...

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