Weekly Meetings

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Weekly Meetings

 Gathering Together 

Sunday Mornings
KSM meets from 10:30am to 12:00pm in the Student Ministry rooms. Sunday morning focuses on the preaching and teaching of the Bible. We’ll be working our way through scripture and seeing how God has given us clear instruction for the lives of students. Junior and Senior High students have their own distinct messages on Sunday morning which allows us to get more specific to where they are in their stage of life. Senior High is taught by Jonathan Clubb while Junior High is taught by Reid Scherer.

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High School ministry focuses on training young men and women to own their faith as they prepare to enter into the world without mom and dad. 

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Jr High is a transitional time in a teenager's life! It's here that we seek to put young teenagers around faithfully trained parents and leaders giving them examples to aspire to! We want the transition from adolescence to adulthood to happen ASAP.


youth_worship_smallWednesday Night Break (WNB)

This is the biggest night of our week! Every Wednesday during the school year we gather at Kindred from 7:00pm to 9:00pm to hangout, play games, fellowship, worship, and grow together in small groups. We also have a meal for anyone that’s hungry starting at 6:00pm. WNB is one of the most impactful ways for students to get plugged in and grow deeper in their faith as they spend time in their small group discussing Sunday’s message and applying it to their lives. It’s an opportunity to share with one another, ask questions, and understand scripture better.   


beach_bible_smallThursday Summer Beach Night

During the Summer, we invite the entire family to come hangout at Huntington State Beach (Lifeguard Tower 10, Magnolia Street entrance) for fellowship around a huge bonfire! There’s no specific start time, but you’ll find most of us down there in the early evening until the beach closes. Bring your own food and beach gear and enjoy the cool evenings by the ocean together.