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Where Fellowship Meets Spiritual Growth

College Ministry

Designed for college students and young adults age 17-23, our Kindred College Ministry is a collection of energetic, fun-loving people connected to Christ and connected to each other. We believe that every 17-23-year-old needs a place to belong, build strong friendships and grow their faith in fresh ways. Our purpose is three-fold:

1. Make Christ a priority.
We do what few other college groups do – we meet every Sunday at 8:30 am. This may sound early for college students, but our intention is clear: to instill in students the value that church should be the priority of their week.

2. Build Community.
Ever wonder, “What will I do on Friday night?” No need to ask that again. Every Friday night, we come together to hang out or join a fun event. Friendships and fellowship are critical at this stage of life, and we offer fun ways to pursue real life together.

3. Reach out to the lost.
The last Friday of every month, we gather together for evangelism. We encourage students to invite friends to our Friday night hangouts, so we can share the truth of the gospel to unbelievers.

We would love for you to come and check out our College group!

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Career Ministry

Our newest fellowship group at Kindred is our Career Ministry. It’s the perfect place for 23-to-35-year-olds who are single and out of college.

Where and when do we meet? This group meets the 2nd and 4th Saturday night of every month. On the 2nd Saturday, we meet at the Ford home in Villa Park, and on the 4th Saturday, we gather for a fun event.

Why Saturdays? This enables us to stay connected to each other, while still being available to connect with and serving Kindred church as a whole on Sunday mornings. We hope you’ll join us.

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Kevin Mohr - Pastor of Young Adults - Email | Phone