Word to Parents

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Word to Parents

A Word to Parents

A Ministry to Kids 
It is our desire that the Kindred Community Church Children’s Ministry (Kindred Kids) be a place where the Lord is honored and children are brought closer to him through an environment that is safe, healthy and loving. As a staff our desire is to honor the Lord in our actions and our attitudes while ministering to your children. We believe that children should be valued as gifts from the Lord, and we look forward to our time spent with them. 

A Ministry to Parents
Because we believe that Scripture teaches that you as parents are to be the primary disciplers of your children, it is our desire to assist and support you as parents. We believe that as parents the best thing that you can do for your children is to whole-heartedly pursue Christ and seek to strengthen your marriage. It is our desire to give your children the greatest amount of care while you learn, worship and assist in serving the body of Christ.  

A Ministry to Maturity 
We believe that children’s ministry should be really fun, but our goal is to be a partner with you in helping your child grow towards spiritual maturity. Because of that our ministry will always be centered around the unchanging truth of the Scriptures and we will set a high standard in leading children towards spiritual growth, while emphasizing relevant applications.

We want to meet your child’s needs—whether emotional, physical, or spiritual—with loving attention. Our Parent’s Manual was created to assist you in understanding our children’s ministry, to familiarize you with our leadership team and to answer any questions that you may have. 

Jason Erselius - Pastor of Children & Family Ministries
jason@kindredchurch.org - 714.282.9941
Leah Edwards - Children's Ministry Director