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Kindred University

Growing in Knowledge & Discipleship

What is Kindred University?

Kindred University, our adult education, and discipleship program help us grasp the scope of Christian doctrine, devotion, and discipleship through a sequential study of their key concepts. It blends the relaxed atmosphere of an adult Sunday school class with the scope and sequence of a Bible College or Seminary education—offering the ideal way to deepen your knowledge.

Updated on a quarterly basis, classes meet every Sunday morning at 8:30am and 10:30am, and on select evenings during the week. Kindred University offers five distinct programs and is open to all.

What Courses are Offered?
There are multiple core courses offered on a rotating basis to allow the motivated learner to complete a Bible College/Seminary overview of Christian Doctrine, Devotion, and Discipleship. 

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How Can I Get the Most Out of the KU Curriculum?
We encourage you to make use of one of our five programs to take the next step in your spiritual growth.

  • The Self-Guided Tour: Choose a variety of courses as your schedule permits. View our current list of courses below.
  • The One-Year Program: The foundation for all KU Programs. This is an overview of Systematic Theology, Bible Chronology, and Church History. Enter anytime and complete the program in 12 months!
  • The Four-Year Program: Complete the One-Year Program (or its equivalent) and 12 additional Core Courses.
  • The Biblical Counseling Program: This program meets the requirements for certification with ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors). The program normally takes three years although highly motivated students can complete it in less time. 
  • The Spiritual Leadership Program: This is a three-year course designed to prepare men for a lifetime of Spiritual Leadership. Year One focuses on “The Spiritual Leader as a Theologian”, Year Two focuses on “The Spiritual Leader as a Shepherd” and Year Three focuses on “The Spiritual Leader as an Overseer”. Open to men who are members of Kindred and who pass an application and interview process.