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Jonathan Clubb's Bio


Pastor Jonathan Clubb

Jonathan Clubb is our youth pastor at Kindred since June 2017. He oversees the junior high and senior high ministry. This involves Sunday sermons, weekly hangouts, Friday night evangelism, holiday festivities, and yearly mission’s trips. He is affectionately referred to as “JClubb” by the youth. He is married to Kelly and they have a daughter on the way. As Jonathan says regarding their baby’s soon arrival, “Welcome to the Clubb!” Party of three coming right up!

As anyone who grew up in Kansas and the rest of the “Bible Belt” knows, church is a lifestyle. From the moment Jonathan was born, he could be found at church Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and a few times through the week for good measure. By the time he got into junior high, he knew how to play the church game pretty well. Church for him was the place he went to hang out with his friends and if he had to endure preaching to do it, he would. He had no love for the gospel, no relationship with Jesus, but “church” was just fine. During his sophomore year of senior high, his parents made the hard decision to take our family to a new church. They did it to expose him and his siblings to a church that truly preached the gospel and used expository preaching to explain God’s Word. Jonathan only saw it as a way to rip a youth group he loved away from him and so he let his parents know every chance he got by complaining. Even though he whined every Sunday morning commute to that new church, he remembers being impacted by preaching for the very first time. The pastor was teaching through the book of Ruth verse by verse, explaining themes that God would eventually use to save him. Jonathan can distinctly remember hearing that Jesus is his kinsmen redeemer, willing to save him even though he deserved nothing. Right in the middle of hearing about God’s redemption of sinners in the book of Ruth, Jonathan recalls a conversation around the dinner table that changed his understanding of grace and salvation forever. His parents asked him what he would say to God if he was asked by God why he should be allowed into heaven. His “Kansas church boy” response was that he would be accepted in because he was a good person. The next thing he knew, his mom burst into tears in response. Jonathan, the teenager, didn’t understand why she was crying, but it soon became clear as the gospel was shared with him. His mom and dad helped him to see that there was nothing good that he could offer the perfect God and that the only way to be reconciled to Him was through the work of Jesus on his behalf. He doesn’t know the exact moment, but God used the willingness of his parents to make hard decisions and ask hard questions to allow him to put my trust in Christ alone for his salvation. Of course, Jonathan’s full story of the last twenty years is too long to tell here, but it’s been an incredible journey of God leading him every step of the way. It’s no surprise then that God called Jonathan to work with the very age that was a profound, eternal turning point in his own life. He has been working in student ministry since 2005 and as a youth pastor in another local ministry for six years straight. He received a Bachelor’s in Bible and then later an M.Div from The Master’s Seminary.

When Jonathan isn’t manicuring his epic beard or revolutionizing the next generation for the Gospel, he enjoys sports, specifically teams from Kansas. And when Kansas isn’t playing and winning, he likes building things and motorcycle rides! He loves an adventure, especially in his Jeep. His most recent ones entail Israel and Yosemite.

An inspired Scripture that is a constant inspiration to Jonathan is Job 38-42 where God responds to Job with verse after verse, detailing His own power and sovereignty. Check it out!

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