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Counseling & Disciple Training Conference

January 28, 2022 to January 29, 2022

  • January 28, 2022:
  • January 29, 2022:

Counseling conference promo information.


Wouldn’t you love to grow in Christ and know how to help others grow using your Bible?

Kindred Counseling Center is hosting a 3-weekend conference to provide training for those who are interested in growing in counseling and discipleship. You will learn how to develop a growing lifestyle and how to use your Bible to bring help and healing to those who are struggling with anger, anxiety, depression, and other issues that people face.

This training contributes 30 hours to the first phase of ACBC Certification.

For more information go to kindredchurch.org/CDT



Updated schedule.




            5p        dinner

            6p        session 1

            7p        break

            7:15p   session 2

            8:15p   break

            8:30p   session 3

            9:30p   dismiss



            8a        breakfast

            9a        session 4

            10a      break

            10:15a session 5

            11:15a break

            11:30a session 6

            12:30p lunch

            1:15p   Q&A

            1:45p   break

            1:55p   session 7

            2:50p   break

            3:05p   session 8

            4p        dismiss


Speakers for each weekend.


Weekend 1 (Jan 28-29)

            Andrew Rogers (3)

            Joe Miller (1)

            Nicolas Ellen (4)


Weekend 2 (Feb 18-19)

            Andrew Rogers (2)

            Joe Miller (2)

            Jason Ersellius (1) (tentative)

            Ben Marshall (3)


Weekend 3 (Mar 25-26)

            Andrew Rogers (2)

            Joe Miller (2)

            Charles Vermeulen (1) (tentative)

            Tom Sugimura (3)

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