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Transformed: Overcoming Anxiety Conference

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September 18, 2021

9:00am – 4:00pm

Location: 8712 East Santa Ana Canyon Road, Anaheim, CA 92808

Category: Counseling

Transformed: Overcoming Anxiety

How do we deal with worry and anxiety?  Worry seems to be an inevitable part of life.  We worry about our jobs, families, finances, futures, and more. Sometimes it’s a low-level worry, riding along in the background as an ever-present companion. Other times the worry bubbles up into experiences of anxiety or even panic attacks. But regardless of the magnitude, how do we deal with worry?

The circumstances that cause our worry aren’t just going away. So, we’re left to try and follow God’s instruction to “not be anxious about anything” in the midst of a world that is incredibly anxiety-inducing. Where do we even begin?

In this conference, we will see how we can understand worry and anxiety from a biblical perspective and how God empowers us, through the gospel, to overcome it.


Registration Deadline: September 16th, 2021

Topics will include:

  • A Biblical View of Trials and Suffering
  • A Biblical Perspective on Anxiety
  • How to Overcome Anxiety for the Glory of God

Lunch, snacks, and free resources are provided. 

No childcare is provided.

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Rogers

andrew-rogers-tccAndrew serves as a pastor at Kindred Church and as Executive Director of Overseas Instruction in Counseling, a ministry devoted to training biblical counseling trainers around the world. Andrew also serves as a Fellow & Board Member with The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.